Testimonials for Sydney Rubbish Away



Karin Mason from Camden South –  11/04/2017                                                                                                                 Kosta gave a great quote and was flexible in his service. Happy with everything.

Maria Moriarty from Minto – 22/03/2017                                                                                                                   connected with RUBBISH AWAY – Sydney Rubbish Removal, Sydney through hipages.com.au and we have confirmed that they would recommend them

Freedom Michael – 13/08/2016                                                                                                                                   Hired them to remove the junk that had accumulated in my garage. They did all the lifting and loading and got rid of all that junk. Thank you.

Sue. V. – 06/05/2016                                                                                                                                                       not a bone to pick. Emptied our garage and cleaned up after themselves – Edmondson Park.

Craig B – 22/03/2016                                                                                                                                                     removed rubbish and old clutter  from our Burwood home, on time and happy with service

Joanna Neosom – 09/12/2015
Great rubbish removal service. Rubbish away did a great job.

Devlin. W. – 18/11/2015
Our Burwood offices were emptied by Rubbish Away. The four guys were very helpful and fast. They run a smooth operation. Highly recommended.

Rodney Adler – 31/10/2015
Rubbish away Sydney removed a substantial amount of commercial and office waste from our offices and storage areas in Rozelle. They were on time and did an excellent job. Great guys to deal with.

Teena Allenes – 02/10/2015
In the process of moving office and needed to clear out unwanted office furniture from a difficult site. Rubbish away’s team did that with great ease! Highly commended!

Leanne Ford – 09/09/2015
Thank you Rubbish away for your great advice and service. After the garden clean up you did i have my back yard back!! I recommend this business to all! no PROBS!!

Summer X – 13/08/2015
Excellent service! Person on the phone was very helpful and answered all questions. I chose rubbish away because they were very polite and understanding with my situation. Great people to deal with. Thank you rubbish away

Rodney J – 16/07/2015
Even though it was a small job with a small amount of rubbish to be removed rubbish away was very accommodating. thank you

pamela burin – 12/07/2015
we had to clean out a deceased estate which was vacant for a number of months and in a not so good condition. was v glad rubbish away took on the job. our family was very happy as they took on all responsibility for emptying and removing, yard clean up and cleaning the property. thank you very much. pamela

Jullie Paris – 05/07/2015
Thank you. Provided us with rubbish removal and cleaning services. I was very happy with the service from beginning to end.

Edie M – 28/05/2015
Rubbish away’s staff were on time, polite, quick and well priced. Would recommend to all who do not want to waste their time…….A well organised and run business.

Svetlana Barons – 25/05/2015
Rubbish away removed all of our unwanted old furniture and clothes my uncle was storing in a storage unit. They came on time and where very quick. Myself and my uncle can recommend rubbish away confidently.

Rishika Gatupanaka – 05/05/2015
Very very good and very very good price. Thank you

Rania mcLeo – 30/04/2015
Excellent people to deal with. Dealing with rubbish away, i found them to be very professional team. We were helping my aunt deal with her hoarding problem – calling rubbish away was the best thing we did – they helped make the process much easier. Their cleaning staff proved to be very patient, helpful and made mu aunt feel at ease throughout the whole process. They took on the job with ease, from cleaning to rubbish removal and garden clean up. Many thanks again!

Leonardo P – 22/03/2015
smashing service. rubbish away did a great job removing clutter from my godparents home in bellevue hill. i recommend them to all.

Ashleigh P – 18/02/2015
Exceptional and highly recommended. From Northbridge

Lennin Baker – 06/02/2015
swift working lads! use them!

Kayla Lucas – 30/01/2015
i made an online enquiry and the response was fast. i arranged a time and date for the removal. all was smooth.

Lendill Bovic – 26/01/2015
Rubbish Away removed and disposed of our old belongings from a storage unit in Bexley. They provided us with a good service. Thank you Rubbish Away.

Moeh Fraser – 20/01/2015
im a carpenter and needed quick rubbish removal. these guys offer a good service. will use again

Coral Pamhines – 19/01/2015
Rubbish away emptied our parents entire house. They made what seemed a big job look easy. There was four guys which came and loaded the items on their two trucks. Can recommend to all and will be using rubbish away again soon!

Holly Denver – 17/01/2015
Good rubbish removal service, very easy to deal with. Recommended.

Pavanani K – 11/12/2014
Very very good thank you

Stelio Donavon – 08/12/2014
good work fellas

Jenny A – 01/12/2014
Thank you for removing my rubbish so quickly!

Linda Paris – 25/11/2014
A reliable service! Used them for 3 consecutive jobs.

Sheilla Hailley – 05/11/2014
As we are a cleaning company, we use Rubbish Away to remove commercial and household rubbish from our sites. They have proven to be a very reliable and easy to deal with service.

Shaun Rogers – 12/10/2014
good enough for me – good enough for you. great job boys. thank you

Ross Semp – 08/09/2014
super dooper!!!

Rinaha M – 02/09/2014
Great service. Recommended to all.

Ashley R – 21/08/2014
very happy with rubbish away’s service. will use their services again soon. thank you.

Pipper Ingrida – 03/07/2014
Thank you Rubbish Away. Smashing job!

Mo Rogers – 22/06/2014
Arrived on time and did a great job

Janett Drones – 16/06/2014
Smooth operators! Great service. Recommend to all.

Georgre Pontoff – 04/06/2014
No problems what so ever. Pleasure to deal with….

martin d ancert – 27/04/2014
Rubbish Away cleared out and removed rubbish from our parents deceased estate. They also provided a comprehensive cleaning service after the rubbish was removed. A one stop shop. What a great service. Highly recommended.

Joanna Gabrielata – 24/04/2014
V V GOOD! After a number of different quotes Rubbish Away came out on top. Honest people. Thank you.

Darren C – 27/03/2014
These guys are machines. Worked very fast. Good work.

Lucy Powell – 25/2/2014
Service with a smile – thank you.

Nichole Meylan – 17/02/2014
We used the Trailer Bins Service. It turned out to be cheaper than a skip and the service was very good. Both the guy on the phone and the one who delivered the trailer bin were very help full. Highly recommended.

Markus Amon – 02/02/2014
Great service. Very efficient and professional.

Michael Longel – 27/01/2014
very carefull and tidy while removing rubbish from inside our apartment. Recommended.

Dianna Hannan – 24/01/2014
I used Rubbish Away today. They came when they said they would and did an excellent job for a fair price. I can highly recommend.

Stroner Gregorious – 23/01/2014
good and swift. good service. thanks

Craig Donners – 7/01/2014
Thank you Rubbish Away. Good job

Elissa Good – 10/12/2013
Very professional. I spoke to a couple of other businesses over the phone to get an idea of the costs involved in rubbish removal. Kosta from Rubbish Away was very helpful, patient and polite. This is the reason why i chose them. Very happy.

andrew sandylands – 28/11/2013
good work! bravo!

Eli Lofaros – 23/11/2013
Thank you. Great service, good price and right on time. Would recommend you to my friends.

Yvonne Campbells – 09/11/2013
The staff of this business have great work ethics, outstanding customer service, the guys did a fantastic job, nothing was to much for them and helped me enormously. I highly recommend this business.

julie phillips – 31/10/2013
thank you rubbish away for a great service

Ken H – 25/10/2013
excellent service and good price. The guys removed a commercial fridge with a crane – very professional. Thank you.

Alison White – 12/10/2013
I chose this business by the great reviews here, and what they say are all true. Fantastic service, very friendly and good price. Highly recommended service!

G Campbell – 03/10/2013
swift rubbish removal thank you 🙂

Suri Kauran – 20/09/2013
We hired Rubbish away to dispose of our rubbish from our city office. When removing the rubbish they were very careful, swift and efficient. We will be using Rubbish Away again.

Neil M – 19/9/2013
Thank you for a good rubbish removal service

meagan D – 06/09/2013
A very professional crew. A pleasure to deal with.

TONY SENDERS – 27/08/2013
Rubbish away’s trailer bins service was great! We were not sure if a trailer bin would be for us as we had never used one before. It was actually cheaper than a skip bin and we are very happy with the service also. Thank you.

alex rosery – 25/8/2013
Rubbish away sydney removed a whole heap of junk from our commercial workshop. They arrived on time, worked hard and cleaned up after themselves. We were very happy with their service.

Jaskiran Bhalla – 17/08/2013
Thanking you Rubbish Away for a job well done 🙂

Gregory Pandas – 08/08/2013
A very organised operation and exceptional service!

Arthuro Banks – 03/08/2013
Rubbish away staff removed 20 cubic metres of rubbish from our warehouse. They did a great job.

helena witts – 26/07/2013
rubbish away sydney staff arrived on time, with a smile and did a great job. excellent service!

Kim – 24/07/2013
A very good and fast service. I organised everything and paid over the phone. Thank you for such a quick response, job well done!

simong T – 19/07/2013
fast service – good stuff

RICH. T. – 16/07/2013
Hey hey…. they took the rubbish away! Thank you.

fred bunnings – 16/07/2013
a fresh approach to rubbish removal. Great service!

Chounan R – 14/07/2013
Thank you Kosta for the wonderful job you and your staff did for us. Your work ethics and your ability to deal with people were very impressive. Our parents are quite elderly and were experiencing a great loss of having to down size from their family home and i appreciate the way you and your staff spoke and interacted with them. What is rubbish to others is a lifetime of memories to them. Thank you again for arriving on time and being so professional.

marib wong – 13/07/2013
Lovely people and exceptional service. I recommend Rubbish away highly!

michael paul – 18/06/2013
thank you for removing my rubbish at a good price.

LORRAINE JOSEPH – 15/06/2013
I am very happy with the service rubbish away provided. They arrived on time and staff was very polite and pleasant. Job well done!

simon doringtton – 14/06/2013
great service!

rick eight – 09/06/2013
we were very satisfied with the service kosta from rubbish away provided to us – a great job and a very good price. thanks very much for all your help much appreciated.

Harri Sudotoshon –  02/06/2013
A pleasure to deal with this business, from start to finish! They provided me with a proper receipt and before and after pictures of the site which will be of great help when getting my bond money back from the landlord. They were not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and you could see that these guys were professional. They emptied out a whole building with ease, nothing seemed to phase them no matter how difficult some of the items were to remove. The staff was capable and friendly and took instructions very well – they took extra care as not to damage any walls when removing the rubbish. I would recommend Rubbish Away to everyone.

eslerel lyn – 26/05/2013
thank you 🙂

michael evanes – 24/05/2013
Top notch service!! Good to deal with.

Mohammad Abdal – 07/05/2013

george poirot – 06/05/2013
big job – they came, they saw, they quoted, they removed – rubbish all gone! marvelous service!!

marthania w – 01/05/2013
very happy with trailer bins service!

c kearns – 19/04/2013
the two guys from rubbish away worked tireless – the price was good as well. Recommended to everyone

Rions, Karen – 11/04/2013
Rubbish away did an excellent job. I am very pleased with their service and honesty.

James M. – 04/04/2013
The boys from rubbish away did a marvelous job. Thank you very much 🙂

yumen dao – 16/03/2013
Great service! Recommended to all!!

Just G – 13/03/2013
These guys are very easy to deal with. Garage was a disaster after a couple years of being slack and collected a huge amount of empty boxes, junk furniture etc. Got it all cleaned within an hour.

Craig Ziad – 05/02/2013
Very good to see great service still exists

swifta rose – 03/02/2013
excellent service and very courteous. thank you.

clarissa Luxford – 26/12/2012
On numerous occasions i have used Rubbish Away’s services. For both small and large rubbish removal jobs. Their team is very professional. Highly recommended.

Leo k – 19/12/2012
Top notch service! Thank you.

Andie – mac. – 27/11/2012
Great service, highly recommended!

T. Allan – 18/11/2012
Their trailer bin service is great and very affordable.

Lidija Jasmin – 16/11/2012
Quick, efficient and reasonably priced. Very happy with the service. Will recommend to anyone. Hassle free. Perfect!!!

Richard Azar – 14/11/2012
Thanks to Kosta and his team at Rubbish away for their help. It was quick and best of all cheap. Thanks to Jon L for recommending them…. 🙂

Mohamed M – 03/11/2012
Second time we have used Rubbish Away’s services. Very happy. Thank you.

craig veco – 16/10/2012
Great stuff -thank you very much!

Mia.G – 08/10/2012
Really nice people and they come whenever you want. They are very flexible.

Jon L – 15/09/2012
I used the trailer bins service. The service and price were excellent. Thank you.

athletiko – 08/09/2012
We are retailers of sports clothing and accessories. Rubbish Away removed a whole heap of packaging, cardboard and pallets for us. They did a great job and were well priced. Will definitely use their services again. Thank you. Stam – Northbridge NSW

Islam Benn – 04/09/2012
Rubbish away did a great job. They removed a mountain of rubbish from my garage and backyard. They worked straight through and kept my garden intact as requested. Cheers!

Isi. F – 03/09/2012
Excellent service. Removed over twenty cubic metres of rubbish. Thank you very much.

Patricia B – 22/08/2012
Thank you for your good service.

Linda Smith – 11/08/2012
I used Rubbish Away recently to clean out an entire 3 bedroom home & the grounds clean up from plants, paint, bricks, trees, ect. They were ontime, even a bit early, I was so impressed with the work they did, starting at 7.30am straight through to 2.30pm without stopping for a break or even a drink. They did everything I asked, even did extra on the day. The men were very professional. Rubbish Away is the only company I would use & I would definately recommend Rubbish Away to anyone wanting a clean up service.

Beverley Walsh – 07/08/2012
Rubbish away removed a large quantity of rubbish from our property in Emu plains. Thank you for a great job.

Alex R – 05/08/2012
Very pleased with their service. On time and professional. Thank you.

Paul C. – 26/07/2012
We are builders – Rubbish away – great service.

sharne p – 16/07/2012
Rubbish was removed from Bondi. Very pleased with the service – Very Professional. Thank you.

mark santry – 01/06/2012
rubbish away removed rubbish for our business. great service.

Debra B – 24/05/2012
Their trailer bin service is very affordable. They also loaded up and took building waste away. Thank you very much.

Jon marcel – 12/04/2012
Thank you, a reliable service.

irene G – 01/04/2012
We are strata managers – Rubbish Away services all of our properties – Excellent service!

Nicholas Cas – 20/03/2012
Rubbish away remove office waste for us from city buildings on a regular basis. Highly recommended.

mvport – 09/03/2012
Costa provided excellent service for us. He cleared 3 cubic metres of timber, roof tiles, rubble and general household rubbish lying all over the place in quick time, and left the place in immaculate condition. He was friendly, courteous and very reliable, confirming times and dates beforehand, and arrived dead on time. They were upfront with pricing and gave me a reasonable no-obligations quote before starting. Couldn’t ask for more. I would definitely use them again.

Janelle Bulmer – 06/03/2012
I found Rubbish Away to be very responsive and professional to deal with. They were able to do a quote the next day and then the rubbish was gone by the end of the week. Communication was clear and businesslike and left me with no question as to the next steps. At the end of the job, I got a call to advise it was complete. What more could I ask for? I highly recommend this company. Janelle Bulmer

sana. a – 29/02/2012
A pleasure to deal with. Removed 11 cubic metres of commercial rubbish – very good price. Thank you.

arthur adas – 24/02/2012
thank you boys. top job!

marinam94 – 15/10/2011
i was very impressed with the quality of the work. at a very affordable price, friendly and very hard working. HIGHLY RECOMENDED !

frank J – 14/10/2011
Too easy. Good work fellas. Recomended to all.

Birdlover – 14/10/2011
I used Rubbish Away a couple of weeks ago. A seamless experience from go to whoa! I highly recommend this company.

Keith – 09/09/2011
Excellent! i had a very messy garage which some other companies refused to clean up or were quoting very expensive prices. These guys did a good job at a good price. Thank you