House Cleaning & Hoarders Clean Ups






Hoarders Clean up is one of our core services.
Specializing in one off cleaning for clients with special needs.

This service is tailored to special people who feel their home duties got out of control and unmanageable due to being attached to their possessions. They would like to deal with it but they don’t know where to start so the problem is taking over their lives. They feel embarrassed to call cleaners, afraid of being judged. As a result, we pay additional attention and we are proud of achieving excellent outcomes.

How we do it:

We treat each situation differently and all the people we employ are trained to be caring, friendly, and polite and deal in a very respectful manner and be sensitive to the emotional needs of the client, and to keep every project absolutely confidential. In addition, all of our staff possess empathy and good communication skills that put the client always at ease, so the client don’t need to feel ashamed of their own environment. In some cases we engage the client in the process of the clean-up and consult them regularly as we respect their decision in sorting out their belongings. We ensure that the client feels to be in control of their territory and that we are there for them providing guidance and help.

It has been proven by our previous experience that, by the time the job is completed, we would have encouraged the client to take control of the property and give helpful hints to maintain their environment clutter free and with a minimum effort.

In other cases we take control of the situation and through effective communication we get the client to appreciate the result achieved. We are proud to say that our approach toward the clients and work has earned us a high reputation in the industry especially in government departments, with social workers and solicitors.

In all cases, we co-ordinate all aspects of the work and deliver the agreed goals. Our consultant visits the client at the property, assesses the situation and discusses an action plan with the client, and work with the client on what is required to be done.

Our aim is to sort your house and free your time to sort your life. Our team of specialists are ready to take on the challenge.


In addition to Hoarders Clean ups, we also specialise in Deceased Estates. This service normally requires working very closely with families and / or the executor of the will with the aim of relieving the client of all the physical and emotional work in the deceased estate.

 What our Cleaning Service covers:

The following list shows what our services are for Hoarders Clean ups and Deceased Estates.

  • Sort through all the belongings
  • Dispose all items deemed as rubbish
  • Reposition all items deemed to be kept
  • Donate items to charities (if so required) under your instructions
  • Arrange storage (if required)
  • Garden clearance
  • Pest Control
  • Repair any structural damage (if required)
  • Clean and prepare the home back to a standard liveable condition
  • Prepare property for a relative to move in; or for sale, renting, or bond retrieval

For Hoarders clean ups or for any of our other Cleaning Services simply call us on either of the following numbers:

1300 080 384


0411 898 448

We are committed in providing you with a high quality cleaning service with a fresh personal touch at a very competitive fee.


– End of Lease
 – One off/deep clean
– Hoarders clean up
– Deceased estate

We specialise in End of Lease cleaning and Hoarders clean ups as well as commercial cleaning.
Our core services are as follows:

  • End of Lease – 100% Bond back Guarantee – we know the agents requirements; plus Carpet clean for the convenience of our customer. For carpet cleaning, we use safe effective and quick drying products.
  • Hoarders clean ups – We co-ordinate all aspects of work to manage out of control jobs to deliver agreed goals.
  • Our job is to sort out your house and free your time to sort out your life. Our team of specialists are ready to take on the challenge.