Q: Why are appointments booked in two-hour time slots?

A: We can’t always control the exact time that we arrive – for example, if traffic is heavy or a job takes longer than expected- so we book appointments in two-hour time slots. However, you will always be contacted by phone in the event the truck booked for your job is running behind schedule.

Q: Can you give me an exact quote over the phone or by email?

A: When you contact us, we will ask you some questions about the rubbish you need removed. Based on that information, we can give you a price estimate. When we’re onsite, our drivers will assess the exact volume and type of rubbish and give you an exact price for your approval before any loading begins.

Q: Why would I get RUBBISH AWAY to remove my rubbish if I can get a skip or bin instead?

A: With RUBBISH AWAY Sydney we do the loading for you. You don’t have to lift a finger. We arrive at a time to suit you and do the job right then and there (no bin sitting in your yard for days). And you only pay for the volume of rubbish we take away. With a bin or skip, you pay for the whole bin whether you fill it or not and sometimes you may not have enough space to fit all the rubbish in. However, for some jobs a bin might be better suited for your needs. If you require a bin, we can recommend affiliated bin companies that will be able to help you or for general household and green waste use our “Trailer Bins Service”. Contact us for more info.

Q: What kind of rubbish can you remove?

A: We can remove any kind of rubbish. For example:

  • Garden rubbish – leaves, branches, small trees and trunks etc
  • Furniture, mattresses
  • General household rubbish
  • Appliances
  • Building materials – timber, masonry etc.

We also do general yard clean-ups, eg pull a fence or shed down. Almost anything you like!

Q: What do you do with the rubbish you collect?

A: Wherever possible, we recycle rubbish at various Sydney recycling depots. We dispose of other non-recyclable rubbish at designated tips in the local area according to EPA regulations.

Q: Do you offer accounts?

A: Yes, we do offer accounts to approved business customers. Please contact us for a credit account application or just download one from here.

Q: What payment methods do you offer?

A: We accept cheques, cash, direct deposit, Visa and MasterCard payments.

Q: Are you a licensed operator?

A: As a remover of non-hazardous waste, RUBBISH AWAY is not required to be licenced by government authorities such as the EPA (Environment Protection Authority). However, we follow all EPA rules and regulations anyway. RUBBISH AWAY Sydney is also fully insured and covered with Public Liability, Workers Compensation and Work Cover (Green/White Card)